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Murs is an L.A. native who has been doing his thing in the underground scene for quite some time. As

Phantom producer is making waves in Iowa

ElroyZhazbot… That’s his name. Does anyone really know who Elroy is? That’s not for me to say. I can say

Blake Banks – Shameless

The Los Angeles based, Chicago native, Blake Banks just release his latest album “Shameless”. This album is a grimey, turnt

Hail Mary Mallon – First Ave 2/4/15

Hail Mary Mallon. Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Abilities. Most people that are slightly outside of the Minneapolis hip-hop

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Dizzy Wright – Train Your Mind 0

“Train Your Mind” is the first release from the Dizzy Wright’s upcoming album “The Growing Process” coming soon. Dizzy continues down the road of positivity and self empowerment with this track reminding not only his fans, but other emcees that

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