#GYForDIE Weekly Spotify Playlist

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Tony Bones Chats With GYF about #TheFIRE

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Soundset 2015 Recap with Photos!

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Chris Webby Interview - Special Effects Tour

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Tech N9ne Special Effects Tour Photo Recap

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MN AUDIO THERAPY: Dakotah “Faye” Poitra “No Break” (Feat. Kashy) (Prod. Kashy)

Hailing from Minot, ND, Dakota “Faye” Poitra, is a heavy hitter for the underground rap sound. His growing popularity is

Talent Display – Loyalty Is Everything Album Sampler

Our good friend Talent Display just released an album sampler from his upcoming album ‘Loyalty Is Everything’ which is scheduled

Blake Banks – “One Night” (She Don’t Wanna Leave)

“One Night” (She Don’t Wanna Leave) is the latest single from the upcoming album “The Bachelor” from Blake Banks. Surely,

Trinh – Trinhsition | Sunrise Suite

Trinhsition – An event inspired by Trinh and expressed by the minds of artists from all walks of music. Trinh’s

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C.M.J. – Troubles Of A 20-Something

The Troubles Of A 20-Something is the new single from C.M.J.’s latest album ‘CM Cool J’. The song touches on some of the daily issues and struggles in his day-to-day life and personally reflecting on making it through the tough

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